Supplier Team-Mr. Rickey

Mr. Rickey, the founder of Zehua Marketing, engaged in the international trade service industry for more than 11 years. He used his professional knowledge of Internet technology to help more than 1,100 Chinese manufacturing factories to expand their international business and obtain overseas orders and establish their own international brand. Mr. Rickey, is very familiar with the operation mode of China's manufacturing plants, with his rich experience in the manufacturing field, can be very accurate for buyers from all over the world, especially buyers who do not yet understand China's manufacturing plants. Find their ideal quality products and get the goods at a reasonable price.
In response to the sudden outbreak of the COVID-2019 epidemic, Mr. Rickey founded a new team and divided them into four groups, namely: supplier group, technical group, trade service group and marketing group.
The supplier team, consisting of 9 members, is leaded by Mr. Rickey. In order to enable the worldwide buyers to purchase covid-2019 related products as quickly as possible. Mr.Rickey leads the supplier partners to be scattered in many cities in China to contact various types of anti-epidemic products manufacturing factories and better services to the buyers from the world market.

Trading Service Team- Mr. Jackie

Mr. Jackie, the co-founder of Wuxi Hongjing International Trading Co.,Ltd, has been engaged in international trade for more than 11 years. He has worked in fabric and textile manufacturing factories and served as exporting manager for 10 years. He is in rich experience with the operation mode of Chinese manufacturing factories. In these 11 years of work, Mr. Jackie has served importers from more than 80 countries around the global world, from procurement of product recommendation, product quality inspection, business negotiations, cooperation contract signature, production and deployment of goods, international freight arrangements, He has the rich experience in after-sales service in international businesses.
Since the outbreak of COVID-2019, Mr. Jackieis paying close attention to the development of the outbreak. From the first worry about Chinese family and friends, to the outbreak of the global outbreak, he began to care about his foreign customers and friends, and now he is fully committed to Global buyers inquiring masks, protective clothing, disinfectants and other products. He hopes that all of us will fight together to overcome the virus as soon as possible
Mr. Jackie, with his advantages in international trade services, became the leader of the trade service team, lead three partners, providing various anti-virus products of packaging information confirmation, goods shipment arrangement, international payment settlement processing, etc.

Technology Team--Mr. Neil

Mr. Neil, the founder of Shanghai Yicheng and Jiangsu Yibao Co., Ltd, has engaged in machinery manufacturing and product research & development for more than 10 years. He has had the honor to participate in the Chinese standard development work of pressure vessel industry and owns 15 patents. He is one of the largest agents of MCD in France. His team has extensive experience in manufacturing and maintenance of textile machines.
Since the outbreak of COVID-2019, our team has quickly responded to the central government’s call to develop and manufacture mask machinery to help buyers solving production problems, and have established good cooperative relations and accumulated rich experience. In order to cope with the problem of full business of the official testing agency for the bacterial filtration rate of personal protective equipment, Mr. Neil and Mr. Rickey quickly established a personal protective equipment experimental center, with a view to achieving rapid screening and rapid detection of target products, so that buyers can be in the right place at the same time to get the correct product.