We are supplier experts in the Covid-19virus epidemic prevention material

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Qualification review and verification of Chinese suppliers

In China, there are thousands of factories producing epidemic prevention materials, and their products quality levels are totally uneven. Our supplier team has rich work experience in reviewing factory qualifications. For example, to check the quality of raw materials, we have professional testing equipment to test their raw materials to ensure that the quality of the final product meets customer requirements. We are sure there is no any risk of  the goods quality problem to buyers.

China Customs Import and Export Policy

In order to control the quality of exported products, the Chinese government currently conducts strict inspections on every exported commodity. Exporters need to provide various certificates, like test reports, production dates, and certificates of conformity. We have engaged in the international import and export business team for more than 10 years, which can ensure that the exported commodities leave Chinese port smoothly, and reach to the customer's destination port, and  provide the assistance for customers declaration of the imported goods.

Business negotiation, contract signing

With more than ten years of import and export experience, our team is well understanding of the current prices and quality of various raw materials in the domestic market. And they have rich negotiation experience and skills to help customers identify the quality of raw materials to avoid risks, and purchase products with satisfactory quality at the lowest price.


Providing an all-inclusive package, we can handle the shipping by organizing the freight by land, by sea, or by air, managing administrative customs procedures and routing up to final destination. We are familiar with the freight line from different logistic companies to different countries to ensure customers getting the goods with safety and lowest transportation cost.