Anti-Fog Anti-Liquid Europe and America Size Safety Protective Goggles
Anti-Fog Anti-Liquid Europe and America Size Safety Protective Goggles
  • Price: $0.98–$1.98 / Piece
  • Production Area:Guangzhou China
  • Capacity: 30,000 Pcs / Day
  • Sports Goggle Manufacturer Since 2012
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What Are Goggles/Safety Glasses?

Zehua Marketing medical goggles protect the eyes and most parts of the face from various organic or inorganic hazards. Multi-layer coatings are applied to each of our safety glasses, allowing them to prevent any form of liquid from penetrating the transparent surface. The numerous coatings also make our bulk safety glasses shockproof and wear-resistant, providing the goggles with superior shelf life than a common protective eyewear.
To ensure a comfortable fit while securing KP safety glasses on the wearer’s head, an adjustable strap and wide nose bridge are incorporated into the eyewear. The large interior space allows anyone to wear nearly any glasses underneath the protective eyewear. Each glasses also has a panoramic front that provides the wearer with a complete range of view, removing any obstructive blind spots.
Four indirect vents around the medical goggles provide air circulation within the interior space. With enough air ventilation, our protective eyewear decreases the build-up of moisture that can obscure the wearers’ vision. The indirect vent also prevents liquid or small particles from entering the goggles.
The superior protection that our wholesale safety glasses provide lets you satisfy the requirements for the medical industry and other potential clients.

What Makes A Qualified Manufacturer of Goggles/Safety Glasses?

You will only find medical goggles from qualified safety glasses manufacturers on our KP platform. All of our partners must meet the criteria we set upon protective eyewear suppliers such as reliable production capabilities.
Zehua Marketing chooses establishments with an optimum number of production lines and factory spaces that can produce around 1,000,000 pieces of safety glasses per year. The annual production criteria are to ensure our suppliers can fulfill bulk safety glasses orders within the expected delivery time.
Every partnered goggles factory is expected to match global standards on durability and consumer safety. They must have the proper quality control process in place within their safety glasses factory as well as raw material screening to ensure top-grade final product.
By complying with the global standards, our safety glasses suppliers should be able to obtain various certifications. CE, FDA, and PDMA certified medical goggles lets you reach out to target regions such as the EU, US, and Japanese markets.
With qualified suppliers offering their goggles on our platform, your orders of top-grade wholesale safety glasses can be completed within a short lead-time. You can also attract numerous target consumer groups across different regional markets and drive your company’s net earnings.

How Does Zehua Marketing Verify Goggles/Safety Glasses Manufacturer Their Qualifications? How Do We Help In the Process?

Zehua Marketing guarantees all medical goggles provide the superior protection they expect from a top-grade product by doing thorough audits on all of our safety glasses manufacturers. Before a supplier can list their protective eyewear, we make sure they can satisfy large volume orders, offer fair costs, and provide a fast response to customers.
Ensuring the certificate of our safety glasses manufacturer is necessary before placing their products onto our online platform. We check on the legitimacy of a suppliers’ declaration that their eyewear complies with regional standards by working with different organizations.
Part of our efforts in ensuring a safe and productive transaction on our platform is referring you to trusted third party companies. Shipping companies can assure on-time delivery of bulk safety glasses while inspection companies can give you further proof of a suppliers’ qualifications. We can also introduce you to law firms when a dispute arises.
Zehua Marketing services guarantee the on-time shipment of certified safety glasses that can be exported across various target markets, boosting your brand awareness among many target consumer groups.